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Pokerstars rigged

pokerstars rigged

Diskussionen rund um gespielte Poker Hände. Bitte die Präfixe benutzen!. In unserem Poker-Forum kannst du gespielte Hände kostenlos analysieren lassen, über Strategien diskutieren oder dich einfach nur. Pokerstars ist genauso rigged, wie wahrscheinlich 99,9% der Online - Poker - Räume. Ich suche schon lange einen Raum wo es anders läuft Egal noch.

If a player plays four tables, they can see nearly 1,, hands a year. That is nearly 10 times the number of hands as another player. Now, multiply that by the number of tables on a site.

At the time that I wrote this article, there are 23, tables in play. At 80 hands per hour, that is 1.

As such, you are going to see many more situations and scenarios unfold. Simply put, the reason you see so many more bad beats online is because there are so many more hands.

An older player will tell you that they have seen it all in the course of their lifetime. Online poker is poker on steroids, so be prepared for a wild ride.

If you want to know the ramification of running a crooked poker site, look at what happened with Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker. Thanks to the superuser scandal masterminded by Russ Hamilton, both sites were forced to pay Millions back to their players.

In addition, the reputation of both the sites and any pros associated with the sties are ruined forever. Russ Hamilton is all but officially blackballed from live poker and has not been seen in a major poker setting for years.

Would Pokerstars, and specifically their pros, risk that. Daniel Negreanu and Barry Greenstein are two of the more popular live pros that play on the site.

If the site were not on the up and up, both of them would basically be putting their name and their careers at risk. Greenstein has more to lose in reputation as his poker playing has resulted in a lot of good for charity.

Imagine the impact on him and the damage to the charities he is involved with if Pokerstars were indeed crooked.

Finally, they are they largest site in the world. If they were crooked, the backlash and repayment would cripple, if not kill the company.

Ultimate Bet had to rebrand as UB to try and stay afloat and their traffic is nowhere near its past levels. In addition, they are constantly under scrutiny for anything that even hints at being wrong at the site.

In poker, once you are deemed a cheat, you are essentially through as a player. Pokerstars will not risk that.

In short, if you hear of someone saying Pokerstars is rigged, find out their reasoning behind their claims. Chances are they took a bad beat and are steaming from the beat.

Many players think they are the best and that they cannot possibly lose. When they do, someone must be cheating. Pokerstars is in the business to make money, and running an honest site is the best way to do so.

So we will release the information we gathered in segments over the coming months. OK so back to the research,for obvious reasons we will not reveal all the personal details and names so we can continue with our research.

Firstly we found that a huge number, in fact almost all of eastern Europeans were able to speak perfect english and use the correct dialect, as we purposely engaged them in conversation.

Strange but not impossible, maybe they had exceptional teachers. All our researchers played conservatively and as we approached the business end of the tournaments we really started to see some very strange betting patterns and unbelievable suck outs, bad beats.

Luckily with the introduction of boom player we were able to record what went on to support our findings. One of many examples we have on file. A player, lets call him player X made a small raise from mid position and was called by the cut off,one our our researchers lets call them all player R was holding pocket Aces and shoved all in, an immediate call from from player X risking his tournament life and a fold from the other player sat at the table.

Player X revealed hole cards of 3 6 os. The flop 4 5 7. Amazed at this play we searched the player and found him entered into 4 other similar games.

We observed his tables over the next hour or so and we began to see a pattern emerging. On one table 2 from the money he again went all in with 8 3 os only to get a call from a player holding AKs and hit a Full house on the flop.

Again amazed at what we saw we studied some of the other plays made by player X. We searched for the players data on all the big and smaller sites, sharkscope, pokerprolabs, playerscope etc and found nothing.

We all may have theories and can all see the benefits of a "rigged" site, after all they make money from rake and entry fees and there is a lot more we can go into regarding this but for now we just want to stick to the FACTS.

We will publish more data over the coming days. As mentioned previously we have detailed data, Boom replays to support our findings but would like to hear from anyone else who has experienced anything they feel could help support this research so we can present a full unbiased report to the DOJ.

Feel free to comment, contact or share your experiences. Regards The research team. Unless you post who the poker players, statisticians and industry experts are, this has no legitimacy.

Where is the summary of your analysis in statistical form? I had regged a few SCOOP events for tonight but after reading through the findings of your rigorous experiment I snap unregged.

I didn't see Player X in the lobby but couldn't take the chance because those sneaky Eastern Europeans like to late-reg.

It's perfectly acceptable to not post who is involved until the study is complete. Most people aren't even announcing stuff like this before the study is complete.

If you're going to announce something as fact and then not provide any substantive evidence or provide the authors who might lend credibility if legitimate , then you shouldn't be making the post to begin with.

The CPP is going to be fabulous fun off the felt. Check out more https: If you in the neigborhood please stop by. GL to those of you playing in Chicago and Bahamas this weekend!

From the archive - The FossilMan baby! Log in P5s Support Login Help. Home Forums Bad Beats. Is poker stars rigged?

Reply to Thread Page 1 of 14 1 2 3 11 Jump to page: There has been an ongoing debate for many years about the legitimacy of Poker stars and other online poker networks.

Our first report will reveal the statistics and data gathered from analyzing over 36, hands on The pokerstars network.

Do not break forum rules by post email address or anything similar - only post bad beat threads in the bad beat forum.

Add Arnisss to Rail Reply Quote 2. I've ran like crap for the past few months. Must be fixed lol. I've played more than 65k hands in a month though, that isn't that much.

It's not surprising you can find unusual play when you sift through a large amount of data. Some players like to gamble Also lol at the eastern European thing.

I've met quite a few via poker that I speak to on skype and they do all pretty much speak perfect English. You do know it's the number 1 most spoke language in the world right?

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Constructive comment, 36k hands is nothing, should be easy to get your hands on over 1 million "random" hands.

Less constructive, but reality based comments. I am not sure why the DOJ would care about this considering pokerstars isn't operating there, but I would hope that this biased study on a small sample size wouldn't sway them anyway.

This is another tin foil hat thread with no evidence being posted even in this tiny sample size. Love the bias in your OP despite the fact you insist on being unbiased.

Add wackyJaxon to Rail Reply Quote 8. Ask stars for them to send you 1 million hands then analyse it.

Add djdoodoo to Rail Reply Quote 9. Add allani12 to Rail Reply Quote Originally Posted by tyson 1 A legitimate study does not withhold the names of the people involved.

Add djdoodoo to Rail Reply Quote Add Arnisss to Rail Reply Quote Originally Posted by djdoodoo It's perfectly acceptable to not post who is involved until the study is complete.

rigged pokerstars -

Anmerkungen zu den Ergebnissen Die Tests aller drei Seiten, bzw. Ist zwar nur eine kleine unbedeutende Statistik, aber …. Natürlich wird nicht betrogen um die Spannung zu erhöhen, sondern um Kohle zu machen. Spieler erhöht nochmal, der 3 Spieler geht all in. So oft verliert man einfach nicht gegen runner runner flush, runner runner straight, und runner runner haste nich gesehn! Diese Zahlen sind aber so lächerlich nah an der erwarteten Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass es schon fast nach Fälschung aussieht. Dann kommt immer der Link zu diesem Prüfungsunternehmen, die denen Seriösität bescheinigt. Ich kann Jörg nur zustimmen!!! Aces galore on PokerStars Beste Spielothek in Sohl finden Selbst casino grande du was haben solltest hatte er 2 overcards plus die Chance auf Runner Runner straight und vllt sogar flush. Beste Spielothek in Hösbach finden der Regel scheide ich dann irgendwann mit einer Hand aus, in der mein Gegner england gegen Showdown 3 zu 1 oder 4 zu 1 Underdog ist, wenn ich gerade mal nicht in eine slow gespielte Monsterhand laufe. So einfach ist das. Und was soll ich sagen 4 Euro Einsatz und bis 34 Euro hochgeschraubt den Gewinn in 2 Stunden — wow, ich bin Weltmeister! Dabei wurde geprüft, ob bei einem Preflop-All-In die Hände in einem den Wahrscheinlichkeiten entsprechenden Verhältnis gewonnen haben.

In my last 13 hands i had the overpair 13 times and wouldn't you know it they hit 11 sets and 2 quads on me. Each one, opening hand i get dealt pocket Kings Playing real money no limit hold-em on pokerstars, over the course of almost 2,, hands,I got pocket aces all-in, pre-flop, vs a single opponent times.

Assuming the data is reliable, what might the explanation be for a variance of this magnitude? My account was frozen because "suspected hacking, logged on from foreign country".

Ridiculously bad customer service and terrible "detectives". I was bored, so I took a look at one alleged player at pokerstars, supposedly from Russia, sega The pokerstars inside player was playing 23 games at the same time.

No joke, 23 games at the same time? This would be an impossible feat by any human being. Been playing on P. But what I can attest to is this, P.

Each time my tournament life had been on the line when having the best hand pre-flop and shoving all in, my hand would lose. This is NOT an exaggeration; there are thousands of games in which I had played that this had occurred.

My win rate would be less than 0. The so called random generator does not seem to exist when I appear to be logged into P. Looking at the commemts is like seeing my own thoughts this guy kept beating everyone one night no matter what cards they had I dont know why I tried pushing all in against him but I lost.

I always seem to lose the last card that comes out when i have good cards before it, ive never withdraw anything but Im sure the other accounts i made pissed them off because they kept emailing me saying I made other accounts I just forgot the logins most the tims and this time I wantes a cooler name.

A few people were going mad claimimg that dream catcher was rigged and the women was just changing the subject.

I heard one guy read a comment about it being rigged but near the end he went quiet lile he was being told off down an ear piece orr something.

I really dont know about tbis site man im feeling taking my money to pokerstars because im putting quite abit of cash into it and I dont think they're worthy of anyones cash.

I've played online for full time for the last 3 years, i play high volume like tables 8 hours a day. Then i'll go after your points 1 by 1 and hope you'll understand that poker is rather a game of skill and luck combined.

Most people are playing on many tables, dont even have the chat open and if they have most people won't answer. Poker is a high volume game, the rake is high so you've to play more tables a time all the time, no time to chat.

So they study the game real hard and start playing,most of them are dangerous and good. You can mail me this, and i'll check the patterns and know if its a human or a bot wich seems unreasonable.

There are not bad suckers, depends on what you play above 50 dollars you'll be the fish for them and they'll come to play against you.

Depends on where you look, i can almost find all the players at sharkscope, or pokerprolabs you can see everything there.

I've got a HUD pokerprogram Running all the time when i play a big tournament. But that's no bot, that's a program who keeps all the data and statistics.

What am i doing here? Just lost 2k and im sad about it: Study the game read books,watch pokerhands, buy a pokerprogram HUD then you know what you're doing and why you're doing it.

Do proper BRM make sure you got at least buy ins for the stake that you are playing. So you wont lose everything at once after a losing session.

I've lived many years now from playing poker and yea its a tough way to make money, we pay too much rake and somethimes you take shots that dont work out well.

I shouldnt begin with it, but if you are good and want to do everything i mentioned above you can make money for sure pokerstars or any other site i prefer another site ps mostly good players.

Hello, I am not going to tell you how many ridiculous hands managed to beat me - you'd think that I am a sore loser.

Rather, I tell you about some really weird stuff I can't understand - all of it leads me to the belief that pokerstars is rigged or something is really wrong with it or people are hacking it, I don't know.

I've played poker for many many years. But have never been in a game where the other players would not play like humans I mean I played online poker before with real people, and when I did hatthat, Isaw all the things which people do: But when I play cent or dollar cash games on pokerstars, most of the time no one ever says anything, it feels like totally bereft of human interaction or even thinking Moreover, I come from a tiny country, but people who are sitting on the same table from my country don't chat back to me Overall the whole feeling is like I am not playing against humans 3.

Why would you do that? And why does this happen with such a regularity? The fact is that if you are winning, you are stronger and would rather linger - that is if you were human.

There are so many people from Russia.. Anytime there's Russians, it feels like I am playing some computer bots. I've played one Russian the entire night - not one time did he behave like a person, send a chat message etc.

I have completely no recollection of his play as his play was machine-like, totally without any flavor. I tried to look him up and realized that he was playing at 12 tables simultaneously?

How is that even possible????? I have never come across a bad sucker - in all those games, everybody was behaving the same - super tight and fairly clear game Many of the players can't be even looked up..

Games proceed one after another in a machine-style fashion. No hesitating or strategizing can be discerned..

Overall, I am not sure how it's possible technically but I am pretty sure I was not playing humans on pokerstars. Stay away from this site.

Well let me put this way. I have been playing poker for 10 years now and online for last 4 years. Having doubts all the way if PS is "fixed" I recently run the test.

There is a lot of comments and articles considering different statistics and amount of data one needs to have available to be able to say thay game is fixed.

As for amount of data I disagree because what you really need is to compare the online game with regular one and look for patterns.

Lets say that you play tournament players online vs the same one in some poker room. Lets agree that you will still play on 1 table at the time, against 8 other players and that you have to most probably play avg.

It is sure that online game will go much faster but it is still factor of hands which remains similiar. I have played 3 tournaments at the same time.

Playing the very same table I happened to see within period of aprox. AKs I raced from button for this example doesnt matter how much 1 player called Player showed AA I lost Now this can happend.

I had 5x bigger stack then player so we keep playing J9s I raced from button for this example doesnt matter how much 1 player called Player showed 99 I lost KK I raced from big blind for this example doesnt matter how much 1 player called KAA I checked again doesnt matter how much 1 player allin I called Player showed AA I lost Now you could say it can happen.

Yes it can but i saw this on other two tables with other players within same period of time and same tournaments.

That is like impossible. Get 3 times within period of 50 hands on 3 different tables 4 same cards on flop to get best hand - no way. Now as for Quads, Flush, etc.

I can say that in ten years i can surely compare amount of hands played within last 4 years. And that is what it is about. Here is the result: So my conclusion is that YES online poker is fixed.

It seems that it is fixed or balanced the way that game force players to post big bets and run tournament faster ahead.

And that is where i am going with my theory. If the dealt cards provoke players to place higher bets, if all blinds raising is set to go faster and PS charge 1 time fee per tournament, isn't then important for PS owners to run high amount of tournaments at the same time?

Amount of players today is more less same and earnigs of PS will be more less same too and to get them higher they have make sure that they run as many tournaments they possibly can no?

So at the same time they need to get these players to play quickly so they subscribe to new tournament and pay another fee no? That is for reason WHY they game is fixed.

Today I received a threatening email from pokerstars. It says that registering at the last min in tournaments and trying to make the money is against the TOS and that if i continue to do it my account will be closed.

This involves late registration into certain tournaments" If playing within the rules of the game is a violation of the TOS that means that Pokerstars is no longer a legitimate poker site.

I had left because it was so hard to get a hand at times.. I have played for 47 years and refuse to keep adding money to this scam..

I left it alone for 2 years and recently added 10 dollars to my account Just to see whats up,,and assure my self I was not imagining things.

Well it seems even worse now,,,its like I am playing a machine not other people.. I also notice that they are having trouble getting 50, people at any given time.

I always do well in live games but again I can not make a hand and if I do the most unusual things come up and beat me So if you feel like you are going futz,,,you are not,,,you have no chance.

One thing Ive always wondered to is if they can take 10 dollars why cant they give it back if you do win???? Id love to table up with that punk Negrano,,looser.

Luck is part of the game, other part of your game is your skills and patients I run bad as well, but you need only one day to turn it all around Minus their request of a statement showing my card number, after multiple attempts to explain to them its a debit card, affialited with my checking account , its not a credit card which displays the card number on the statement Numerous calls and they just tell me ita under investagation , give us a few dats, a year and a half later and still nothing.

I have played PS since it started business. Others experienced the same thing later in nlh also, known as "i will sit out here just to see you to donk the next 2-outer on the turn.

There were runs when one ran normally, so it wasn't bad all the time. I have later moved to plo, but it was impossible to continue winning after Amaya became the owner.

The tourneys, you can watch any tourney as well as play them and you will see it is "gay. I could also mention limit holdem heads up, it used to work like a rubber band that when you went up, you were pulled double that down.

I've played poker offline and on, but I've never seen such absurd hands in such frequent succession. I'm at a 1,, buy in table, and a guy joins and immediately goes all in.

Not that weird I guess, some people do this. So everyone folds and he takes the blinds. Next hand all in. Next hand all in; this time someone calls.

He ends up with 4 of a kind. OK, that is rare but I guess it happens. Then he folds a few, goes all in preflop once again and takes the blinds.

He gets 4 of a kind again! Right then and there I should have left the table. I even said something in the chat but no one else left so I thought I'd see how things went.

Quite a few hands down the road, he loses a big hand and I see this as reassurance that the game might not be rigged. So then I get AK. It's just me and this guy that see the flop.

I bet and he calls. Ok, this is looking really good. I check, and he goes all in. Guess what he has?

Which means he hits a full house and knocks me out. There are other hands he won that he had no business winning, and I just can't play this game anymore.

The fact that getting 4 of a kind is infinitesimally small and he hit two in 6 hands is just ridiculous. Too many think poker Stars has no vested interest in rigging a tournament - wrong.

The bad beats are all in favour of chip leaders in "all In situations" - the reason being the quicker they knock out players the quicker you start another tourney, thus providing a new hosting rake.

Watch, again and again completely improbable beats in favour of the chip leaders - losers head to another tourney and another buy in.

I was dealt 10 clubs and 4 diamonds 4 times in a row!! Same cards, same suits.. Im not a math guy, but that seems pretty damn fishy. It wasn't just at the same tourney, or same table Im sure you have better odds of winning the powerball twice in a row, get hit by lightning 7 times in an hour and become president of the us than getting the exact same hole cards 4 hands in a row.

I've read many reviews here and they're nonsense. You post specific hands, and I have more bad beats a day than all hands written here combined, it makes no sense to post individual hands.

What I can say is that after 4 years of profitable poker I do think it's rigged. Bad players make it out on turn on river and I never do.

You can avoid it if you deposit in native currency first and then through the menu convert to USD. If you directly deposit into USD, 2.

I think the game is rigged for bad players, to increase the volume of the same money going into rake. If money goes from bad to good player directly, it will be withdrawn and pokerstars won't get to make profit, if it's played over and over again, pokerstars makes the most of profits, especially in trounaments.

It's not some individual hands, it happened today ffs. I have played thousands and thousands of online, and real poker hands. It seems Pokerstars goes this way to scam: I run a video production company and wrote to Pokerstars asking them to an interview to answer the questions of whether or not it was rigged etc.

I know the email got delivered, but I never received a response. Yes, their deal may be certified, but they never state how many people - most notably the Russians - have cracked that deal and can "see" the cards.

I play poker - For more than fifteen years. How the hell does THAT happen? When the pros start saying it stinks, you have to take notice.

How does that happen? Someone else noted here, that you have AA Usually, it's a Russian. Yet, Pokerstars continually says their software is validated for a "fair deal".

Yet, if you raise this with PS, they just say over and over how certificated they are. I've played a LOT of poker - online and live I entered and won my first live tourney.

I am NOT a poor player, by any means. I'm not the best either. Pokerstars is rigged - they should prove it's not, rather than us have to prove it is.

Because, so far, the overwhelming evidence detailing rigged plays has been ignored totally by them. I tried pokerstars some years ago made some statistical analysis and concluded that the site was rigged.

A particular player that I wrote about in my small report suddenly made his statistics unavailable at Sharkscope when I wrote about him.

He was a real psychic. Nearly always winning when he was the dog. I thought I should try it again just for fun.

It was not fun. How they help the small stack fish. How the miracle card turn up every fugging time for the bad player. How the preflop allins always ends in a hit and mostly in straights and full houses.

You wait and wait and move in call with AK when someone moves in with jack 7 and the board is jack jack xx 7.

Another tournament ak vs j7. Then he only hits two pair on the flop. Move in with 10 3 against aa and hit straight.

I want to talk with a person that says this shit is random. WE can sit and play together and discuss.

Does it really exist anyone on this planet that thinks this garbage is random? I have studied statistics full time for nearly one year in the university and passed my exams so I know this site is bull.

So many ways to get bad beat. I have been losing like this in up to 20 tourneys per 2 hours in a day. They dismiss it by explaining how you just got the short stick today but if we analyze 1 mil hands in period of 1 month then the math will prevail.

However, it's beautiful how they manage to get you losing in a tourney where you play good and tight. Because they know they can't make put your money in the pot for nothing they will deal you 99, you will hit a flop like 9 7 3, so obviously you bet and the guy next to you goes all in.

What do you do??? There is of course always the idiot excuse as well. I had a situation after 4 h of playing to raise under the gun with AA and the guy on the button with half the stack not pressed by the blind or something decides to go all in with 89 off and hits on flop.

How peculiar is that. The worse of all is that they always do it not in the beginning in some small tourney but in a decisive moments against stacks that can cripple you.

Something else they do as well maybe it is part of the 'fairness' or 'faire chances' plrs get, not sure what they call it but they always put you on a table with stack that are your size.

Once I was playing a tourney of aprox people and in the first 10 min I had huge hands and very good pots to make around 60K while the average stack was So I am being placed at a table with this plr who has 62K.

I am being dealt KK and he is was dealt AA. I could believe that this could happen. To be moved at a table with the other huge stack in a tourney of people and to get KK against AA.

Surely I was all in at a point and I lost. What are the odds. I am sure there are superusers grinding for the house.

I dont care what anyone says about it PokerStarsUK is rigged. You are constantly given cards to entice you into the pot and draws to continue.

It is impossible that they are randomly giving out cards. I continuously see 5 or more players all in ALL holding face cards. Mathematically this is bizarre.

I have screenshots of bad beats as the critics call it where I'm being reraised preflop holding jj and they hit 2 pairs on the flip holding cards like 10,4 off suit.

I play live poker at a high level winning thousands and I will never put another penny into online poker. It's a scam and it's rigged. While I enjoy the game in theory, this site poker stars I have come to the conclusion that it is a scam.

Most common AA holding to only lose to or some ridiculous cards, with the dagger coming on the River. We have a saying, the name should be changed to River Stars!!!

The games I play are. I would love to find another site that I could feel confident in its honesty. I believe this article is well written, but it is lacking data.

Now, I have been analysing and compiling my own data, and i got to say, things look pretty unbelievable. I play live poker regularly with my friends, both cash game and tournaments.

Bad beats happen, but theory of large numbers works out in the end. In Pokerstars, it just doesn't. I could spend a bunch of time writing all my statistical analysis here, but there is no point.

But I do have to point out some of my most interesting findings: This is based on several hundred hands with these specific odds, which make it pretty much beyond doubt that it is not a coinsidence.

Just over the last two days, I had AA three times in 50 hands yesterday and twice in 20 hands today. Going every hand all-in pre flop had one fold, and 4 calls.

Each of those calls WON, 3 times against 88, one time against Now, even if you consider there are thousands of hands being delt every second, there is still no chance in the world for this to happen to a single player.

Noone can really claim that the site is rigged, but there is really no quality assurance to make sure it isn't. When compared to real poker, there are just way too many unbelievable events that occur.

In any case, if you like poker, my suggestion is to go play it for real, and not give money to scam sites. Love this losing players complaining Run your own stats from hand history, people tend to forget when they win as favourites but remembering losts against the odds.

I did it as well, they will send you your hand history, so if you have time and are willing to put some effort, go on.

After I went through this, I found out nothing extraordinary, all ok with maths How about the fact that the recent pokerstars update that was mandatory rendered it impossible to contact their support team.

On free play why do you have to wait a long time to play after you have lost one stack? I had to wait 8hrs before they would give me another stack.

That's terriable it's not real money. Bro, i dont know how your response is having to do with anything i wrote. But please dont waste your time or effort if your going to be negative about this.

I am having a serious problem online and its not about to change if people like you answer me. This is my life and my livelihood and if your going to take it jokingly i will not respect you or your opinion.

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Originally Posted by JustoNoBusto Bro, i dont know how your response is having to do with anything i wrote.

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Spielen zwei gegeneinander ist es oft so das beide gute Blätter bekommen. Ohne einen Hintergrund und mit falsch wiedergegebenen Fakten. Sonst wären die alle ganz schnell wieder weg. Ich kann Malu nur zustimmen, eagl ob beim Poker oder auch bei den neuen Casinospielen, alles nur manipuliert um dem Anbieter möglicht hohe Gewinne zu bringen. Flush, Strassen, Full House kommen im Minutentakt vor. Nur eines sollte jedem klar sein, die übertriebene Action richtet sich nicht gegen einzelne Spieler, d. Kannst du dir das jetzt alles auszahlen lassen? Doch ist es so das die Pokeranbieter mit uns machen was sie wollen, an einsamer Spitze Pokerstar. Meist war nichtmal der Flop aufgedeckt und mein Gegenspieler geht All-In…und siehe da.. Dazu hatte ich kürzlich ein merkwürdiges Erlebnis. Eine weiteres Ergebnis der Untersuchungen ist eine Bestätigung, dass das Gap-Konzept tatsächlich von den Spielern berücksichtigt wird. Je öfter ich Geld nachlade desto öfter passiert mir sowas. Neue Themen Aktuelle Beiträge. A A verliert regelmässig, im Gegensatz zum realen Poker eine Riesenquote!!!! So sichern sich Sportwetter Gratis Wetten ohne Einzahlung.

Pokerstars rigged -

Ein weit verbreiteter Gedanke in vielen Foren ist — das PS über kurze Gewinne motiviert — dann über ein PunkteRating, das sich am aktuallen Einzahlungsrythmus orientert und nicht bekannt ist da in der Software verborgen, die Kohle zieht — und man dann wieder einzahlen soll … um das Rating nach oben zu heben. Das einzige was bei Pokerstars zufällig ist, ist es wenn du mit guten Karten gewinnst. Logge dich bei PokerStars ein. Die Ergebnisse auf einen Blick: Pokerstars mit Spielgeld funktioniert wunderbar. Also um Punkte spielen und sich totlachen über das was passiert, soweit man die Nerven dafür hat.

Pokerstars Rigged Video

Pokerstars Suckout Stepchild(Bait Rigged Beats) Und bei Beste Spielothek in Niederfüllbach finden and go ist es noch viel schlimmer. Es gibt noch sooo viele sachen die ungereihmt sind bei PS seien es nun Pokerbots oder nicht vorhandenen stellungnahmen von PS kings casino live betrugsfällen die aufgedeckt wurden. Jeder durchschnittliche Mathematiker kann an Kurvenverläufen von Wirtschaftsstatistiken nachweisen, dass die Statistik gefälscht ist. Und das mehrmals nacheinander und immer und immerwieder!!! Beste Spielothek in Bode finden für eine schlechte Werbung für Pokerstars. Die Karten was da kommen, kommen im Realen Spiel niemals. Es ist auch meistens so wenn du wenig Punkte hast und gegen einen mit vielen Punkten spielst, verlierst du meistens. Hilfe Verantwortungsbewusstes Spielen Sprachen. Vor allem wenn gleich mehrere callen. Und ich denke Eintracht frankfurt spielplan 2019 zahlt gut. Also muss ein System her das schlechten Spielern Vorteile verschafft. Heute war es extrem. Doch ist es so das die Pokeranbieter mit uns machen was sie wollen, an einsamer Spitze Pokerstar. Wen Beste Spielothek in Unterkriegstedt finden ihr hier veräppeln?? You can't prove that by checking Poker Tracker statistics. MY 00 against It's just me and uefa em 19 guy that see the flop. I'n closing, I have to say that I don't believe it's THAT rigged, but to say it's not is stupid and you my friend might have had a lapse in judgment. At 80 hands per hour, that is 1. I know the majority of "so-called professionals that made a career england gegen this website are all of "Jewish" decent, which makes me think this is nothing but a Ponzi scheme and were Beste Spielothek in Sankt Leonhard am Wonneberg finden the goyim". Just simply put, all aspects of either side of the argument aside, I personally find it a lot harder to believe that something isn't going on with that site than believe it's all hunky dory and I'm just somehow one of the most unlucky players to Beste Spielothek in Grossamberg finden use their site. If you win a big tournament, what prevents PokerStars from immediately changing their terms to not pay you out?! The deck, after being mixed up by the dealer, will have a definite, unique and invariable order for all the course of the hand unless the game is not rigged. Find Threads Started by BabboonBoy. Send stimmbandentzündung sport private message to dogkicker

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